Öun is now free - alcohol-free!

Our goal is to offer positive emotions with our drinks and create a festive atmosphere for the entire family. For that reason, Öun became a non-alcoholic company in June of this year. We have dedicated ourselves to producing great-tasting non-alcoholic beverages in the hopes of making a difference in how people celebrate in general. We believe that we can affect positive change in both individuals and society as a whole.

As a sociably responsible company, we want to break the social stigma that non-alcoholic drinks are 'boring' or inferior to alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, that alcohol is a necessary component of having a good time.

We can choose better! Abstinence from alcohol has numerous benefits, including improved health, improved relationships, improved sleep, more positive memories, and fewer calories, to name a few.

Kertu Jukkum, a TV and radio host, author, and athlete, has responded to Öun's call to participate in the "Septembris ei joo" campaign. Kertu decided to join the movement to see how her body and mind would change after one month of sobriety. Watch the video to learn more about Kertu's non-alcoholic month goals, and follow her journey on Instagram @kertujukkum.

Assuredly, our goal is not to teach people that they should not consume alcohol at all; but rather to provide them with opportunities to make different choices. That is why we concentrate on developing new and exciting flavours in Öun that are comparable to, if not better than, alcoholic beverages.

The "Septembris ei joo" campaign will return in September. This time, as a non-alcoholic company, we want to talk more about the topic and invite you all to participate in the campaign and share your experiences with us along the way by using the hashtag #öundrinks!

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