Estonia's first
handcrafted softdrink producer

Our story started with saving perfectly good apples that were piling up in piles and quickly turned into a determined goal to share good emotions with the world through drinks made from apples.

At Öun we do things differently. We did away with the usual spelling of the Estonian word for apple, Õun, and choose the local Ösel dialect spelling instead, Öun. This subtle but big difference better reflects our roots and community connection to the idyllic island of Saaremaa (Ösel), where we call home. At our core (apple pun intended) we’re an independent community-focused maker of awesome tasting alcohol-free organic beverages.

Working with our passionate apple geeks (they’re actually super smart scientists), we let nature be our inspiration in creating our unique flavour combos. By using humble garden ingredients like gooseberries, rhubarb, and fresh mint, with more complex components like spruce, juniper, or maple, our distinct drink flavours are designed to truly tempt your taste buds.

Öun drinks are made from 100% natural apple juice, jam packed with organic and vegan ingredients, straight from good ol’ mother nature herself. Nothing more, nothing less. And because we’ve done away with sugar substitutes and unhealthy preservatives, our drinks will keep you in better physical and spiritual health while still having a wholesome taste. We believe our health focused drinks make a great-tasting alcohol substitute worthy of any celebration, big or small.

It's important to us as individuals and as a company to be accountable for everything we do. And we practice what we preach; from choosing the best apples from sustainable orchards, to using ethical partners, even down to our company culture. Everyday we strive to do business in a more enlightened way, taking full responsibility for the impact our business has both on the environment and society.

We know that to fulfil our goal of becoming the drink of choice for a new generation of health-conscious consumers will take a whole lot of hard work. But it’s a journey. And we know we’ll get there, one sip at a time.

Our values come from the word APPLE.

We believe that our quality products should be available for the many – not the few. We want our consumers to join us on our journey to build and spread the Öun brand and our product offerings across Europe.


By being honest and upfront in everything we do as a company, our partners and customers can trust us to do business in a transparent and fair way.


Our products are known for being jam packed with flavour, and yet we don’t add any unnecessary preservatives or additives. We develop exciting taste combinations made using ripe organic apples, handcrafted and produced in a sustainable way.


We are proud of our Ösel (Saaremaa) origins. Even our brand name ÖUN has a local meaning – APPLE! Tradition and heritage mean a great deal to us, something we wish to reflect through the products we offer, but with a modern and trendy touch.


We are a young energetic organisation, working as a winning team, to deliver the best products and services to our customers. We constantly watch for new market trends and act quickly to make things happen.

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