Organic Functional Drinks

No added sugar
No sweeteners
No artificial flavours
No preservatives

Perhaps in today’s fast pace of life every one of us has moments when the body and the spirit need a bit of exhilaration and balance. Luckily, there are modern solutions to these modern problems – Öun functional organic drinks! But what is this witchcraft that gives a drink its function and makes your body work better? There is no magic – the drinks secret is in superfoods like ginger, chilli, cardamom and blackcurrant juice supported by yerba mate or matcha tea that are packed with natural caffeine. Only a few sips and your tiredness will start to decline, and thoughts will find harmony.


Our wake-up drink contains caffeine naturally sourced from yerba mate tea/matcha tea, and guarana. An immune-boosting drink is not a replacement for a well-balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

Yerba Mate


Originating from its native South America, Yerba mate provides a real boost of natural energy on a par with coffee - minus the caffeine related crash. Entirely natural, entirely good for you, Yerba Mate will give you a sustained natural boost aiding mental clarity and prolonging focus. An excellent alternative to coffee, our Yerba Mate functional drinks keeps your body ready for action and your mind fresh for hours.



Give your day all the oomph it needs minus the caffeine related crash with our Matcha-Cardamom inspired functional drink. Crammed full of natural goodness designed to give you a sustained boost for better mental clarity and prolonged focus. Adding a bit of zing to this drink is the slightly citrusy as well as the minty queen of spices: cardamom. To balance the flavours, we have added a dash of locally produced apple juice, which contains natural sugars.



Ginger is packed with a variety of beneficial substances that both invigorate your mind and stimulate your body. In addition to ginger, this immune-boosting craft drink is infused with the equally feared and beloved chilli pepper to zap a smile onto your face and send a pleasant rush of heat through your body. A real experience for the mind and spirit. Our organic craft drink contains no added sugar, preservatives, or flavourings. Also suitable for vegans.



The prized blackcurrant is so much more than just a lovely summertime snack. Blackcurrant berries are loaded with vitamin C, which boosts the cognitive function as well as the immune system. Further enriched with juniper berries – used in folk medicine to relieve a myriad of ailments since ancient times – every sip of this craft drink is a toast to your good health.

Lemon balm

functional drink

Using the power of vitamin C, we've created a brand new drink to help you keep your focus, naturally. Packed full of flavour, this lemon balm infused drink takes the citrusy zest of the humble lemon and subtly blends it with hints of zingy mint for a bright and cheerful taste guaranteed to keep you feeling fresh. 


functional drink
Pinkish rhubarb and the enchanting scent of lavender meet in our newest functional drink that supports relaxation. We think that there is nothing better after a long day than having a zip or two from this sparkling functional drinks which brings back memories from summer and vacation.


functional drink

Selles madala kalorsusega funktsionaalses joogis loovad harmoonilise maitse-duo kurk ja münt. Krõmpsuv kurk ja karge münt loovad koosluse, mis on nii ergutav kui ka lõõgastav, pakkudes ainulaadset ja kosutavat maitseelamust.


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