Video: Creating Festive Mood

Dancing to show spirit of Öun

At Öun we do everything according to the rhythm of dance – Juhan, Jaen and Greetel bottle lemonades during the day and dance together during the evening in the dance group Lips. During many years, Juhan, together with his wife Kadri, have affected lots of people with the dance bug, then invited and trained them to dance. So now we have brought you our true being – dancing and having fun the Saaremaa way. At Öun we wish to bring a little fun to every day and make a celebration out of a special day – both for children and adults. And where else than the Estonian Dance Festival are all the wonderful dancers, celebration feeling and pride for our country brought together!

Täname: Our clip is a good example of when you come up with an idea in a team and all sorts of wonderful things start to happen. Everyone adds a little bit of their own magic and together comes a masterpiece. We had a lot of fun making it and we are very thankful to everyone who helped: Mairo, Kadri, Iiv, Kelly, Elisabeht, Stig, Endro, Eneli, Jalmar.