Ladies and gentlemen - functional drinks are at your service!

Every company, big or small at times, has to think; „Where are we going next with our products?". At the beginning of the fall, we had a brainstorming session; when we saw that our team's energy levels had dropped, and the colds tended to approach faster. As a manufacturer of craft drinks, we were, of course, first looking for a stimulating drink on the market, but there were no healthy and natural alternatives. We had to do it ourselves to create functional beverages that would perform a specific task while being tasty and contain healthy ingredients.

Here at Öun, we have always wanted to offer healthier alternatives to mass-produced drinks, and that is why we have undertaken an in-depth market study to understand what our drinks should not be. Of course, all our beverages are organic and this, in itself, sets limits to production.

Therefore, we were sure that the new drinks would come:
– No added sugar
– No artificial flavours
– No preservatives
- Without added sweeteners
- And suitable for vegans

Want to try the drinks?

Order the functional drinks mix box here:

So, what are these functional drinks?

Our family of functional drinks is divided into two - immune-boosting and energy drinks. The real challenge was to find the right ingredients for energy drinks because the caffeine in the organic product comes from natural ingredients rather than synthetic caffeine. We tested these two flavors the most, and for example, you won't see the first flavours of the energy drink on store shelves. The reason for this is the early feedback from the target group-they wanted better; we did better. It was a significant step towards achieving the result that we are all satisfied with.

Sounds exciting? You can read more about the functionality of the drinks here!

You helped us take the drinks to a new level thanks to our testers!

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