Our wonderful Apple-Ginger sparkling drink!

We introduced the new sparkling ginger drink back in June, and since then, it has become popular with both customers and the restaurant sector. But where did the idea come from to create such a new taste?

The development of a new product begins a season earlier when we start to generate new ideas. In the next stage, we will choose out the potential flavors and start looking for the ingredients. All our drinks are from 100% Estonian organic apple juice, to which we add berries or other garden products. But we don't want to limit ourselves - on the contrary - we want to offer craft drinks that are also motivating to us. After the first trials, the sparkling ginger drink immediately became our favorite - some liked it more spicy and other milder. In the end, we chose the middle way, so that everyone can enjoy the drink.

Our decision to incorporate ginger in this sparkling drink was for one reason and one reason alone: Ginger’s stimulating and refreshing taste. Here, exotic ginger tells the story of distant lands collides with locally grown apples full of the sweetness of an Estonian summer. And as always: No added sugar!

The organic craft Apple-Ginger Sparkling Drink is available on our online store, and as part of the mix box.

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