This year's apple harvest - a great mystery!

Autumn has arrived, and it is time to harvest apples. This year, however, is a little different from the previous ones-several organic apple orchards are barren of apples. In both Estonia and across Europe, this is the case. Many analysts have studied and looked for answers, but sadly, they don't even know why this year's harvest is poor.

Fortunately, Öun has several partners all over Estonia, and we still managed to harvest all the organic apples that we wanted. The picking took place in different gardens in Estonia, such as Viljandi, Läänemaa, and Saaremaa. At the same time, the production of apple juice is in full swing, and we will soon be able to enjoy the craft sparkling and celebration drinks made from these organic apples.

Our production manager Juhan even went to TV to speak about this topic:

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