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There are two options in times of crisis: Wait for better times or act and seek new growth and development opportunities. We chose the latter option. In less than a year, we established a new and ambitious export plan, introduced a new range of functional drinks to the market, and developed an exciting new concept for the Öun brand.

Now, for the first time, we can talk in detail about the changes that have taken place here at Öun.

So far, we have received an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers and retail chains about our range of products. That is why we are now looking to expand to other parts of Europe and share our love of nature, the great Estonian apple, and our unique symbol 'Ö’. 

To align with our goal of becoming Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of non-alcoholic handcrafted organic apples drinks by 2025, we renewed both our brand and product portfolio and have already implemented changes across our product range.

We felt that in order to accomplish our ambitious goal, we should first overhaul our current product range. This meant removing our very first product, our apple cider drink. From here onwards it will be taking a well-deserved rest, as we pivot towards becoming known as an alcohol-free company. There have been some changes to the sparkling juice drinks range too. Our redcurrant sparkling drink did not quite gain the widespread popularity we had hoped for, so we made the decision to discontinue its production in the future. However, there is no need to be concerned that our drink selection will suffer as a result; rest assured, our relentless pursuit of flavour innovation will always continue! Our creative manufacturing process allows us to develop truly unique and intriguing flavour combinations, which will surely delight the flavour connoisseurs out there.


Most likely, you've also likely noticed our new packaging design for the functional drinks range that were recently released. We felt we wanted to outwardly reflect our company’s internal growth through modernizing the look and feel of the Öun brand. The apple is the major source of inspiration for our team of apple fanatics, and it is from this humble fruit that our Apple Head theme was born. The English front is another update on the packaging, the simple reason for this change as we want our products to look the same everywhere they're sold.

Despite the many changes, our purpose remains as true as it always has been: To spread positive vibes with handcrafted drinks made from organic Estonian apples. Of course, nothing ever happens overnight, and you will still be able to find our handcrafted drinks in their old packaging for a little while longer. By fall 2021, we intend to have all of the old packaging replaced with the new Apple Head design. We genuinely hope, and with your help, that we will be able to conquer the world with the Estonian apple!

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