Craft Drink - what does that mean?

Have you ever wondered why we place so much emphasis on the word craft in our communication? 

A formal definition of craft is something made by hand, with a high degree of learned skill, often using rule-of-thumb and judgments by eye, with a clear value and use. Something made with love, even. Most of the time, it rules out mass production, standardized things we see in our shops. We might know and see craft products, but it's a small-scale operation compared to corporations. So why still produce craft products?  

The modern perception of the word craft originated from the US into our language, where brewing companies started making craft beer in the early 1970s. Craft goods have been making a rapid improvement since then, and are now more popular than ever. We at Öun Drinks have always known that we want to offer the best quality, healthier ingredients, and better taste experiences for our clients and ourselves.  

Being in charge of our product means that we can be innovative about our products and make the best choices about the ingredients and taste. Therefore, the production of a single craft drink is much more complicated than mass-produced products that use mainly synthetic ingredients. 

Creating quality products is only one part of a great craft enterprise. The consumers are just as important or a little more. That's why they are all highly valuable to us. People care about where the drink comes from, who is making it, and what the brand stands for. Customers want to know your point of view, your inspiration, and how you contribute to a more sustainable environment. That's why we always communicate what we stand for and who we are across all of our networks. Our approach to clients is to be like a friend of theirs.  

Being a producer of organic craft drinks means so much more than just producing beverages. It is a way of life that we are, everything that we offer and stand for. While we plan to expand in the coming years, we're going to face challenges in how to preserve the traditions, values, and culture that first made us successful. But being true to our roots and clients, we will surely be mastering these obstacles.  

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